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About Me

My political journey springs from the work that I started as a member of Labour Students and Student Union Sabbatical Officer at Swansea University. Whether its immigration, asylum seekers, homeless people, the fight for living wages, or mental wellness, I am an active and determined campaigner.

Since the Brexit referendum, many people in South Wales are facing silent racism on the streets. The re-emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement amid the Covid-19 pandemic made communities open their eyes and realise the impact of systemic racism. People have now become aware of the traps laid by Tories and other right-wing groups.   

Running the board
Running the board

Love Swansea, Hate Cuts
Love Swansea, Hate Cuts

Mahaboob and Former UK Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn
Mahaboob and Former UK Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn

Running the board
Running the board


I believe we only win when all forms of bigotry and hate are eradicated. For far too long we have seen our communities divided along lines of ethnicity, religion, gender, and sexuality. I have always taken an intersectional approach and I believe that during these difficulties time, class solidarity is needed more than ever.

I am passionate trade unionist, having been a member of both Unite the Union and the University College Union (UCU). I have organised pickets and protest marches, as well as campaigns against pension cuts, exploitative contracts, redundancies and hostile environments. Whilst also campaigning for living wages and greener energy. Moreover, I continue to lobby for and support the rights of immigrant workers and the proper funding of our steel industry and other businesses in the region.      


Our Campaign

Our Campaign focuses on selecting Mahaboob Basha to be on the South Wales West (SWW) regional list in the upcoming Welsh Parliament elections in May 2021. 

We need to create opportunities, encourage and promote the Welsh Labour Party among the diverse communities in the region. I will become a bridge between these communities and our Party. 



We should work to support existing members, whilst bringing new people from all backgrounds into our campaigning and into our movement. 



Continue to support constituency Labour candidates, so that our devolved country will retain our Labour Senedd Members and lead the government for a fifth consecutive time in Cardiff.    

Ten years of Tory government in Westminster has hit the poorest the hardest and we see rising levels of child poverty, more people reliant on food banks, greater homelessness and job losses. Our Labour Councils and Welsh Labour government are working hard to provide the best for those with least and I want to be part of that team delivering for the SWW region. We are stronger together across the Labour Party and in South Wales, as a community of communities. South West Wales has different challenges in its different areas and across different and diverse communities, and I feel I have the skills to approach these issues.

To protect our steel industry and to attract more investment to this region, we need to win the hearts of communities and businesses and I believe this is the key to winning this election. I bring experience and a strong work ethic from my work for the university and the civil service. I am involved into the Muslim and other minority communities in the region, so we can be in touch with the needs of diverse people and earn their support.


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